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  1. I cannot stop smoking and would like to know if hypnotherapy can work for me.

  2. I’m interested in hypnosis, but scared. What if stuff comes up during hypnosis that I don’t want to know about or I’m not ready to deal with?

  3. Nonny (age 6.5) asks, “How do you hypnotize someone?”

  4. Niall (age 9) asks: Why does it look like mind control when someone is under hypnosis?

  5. I recently got my cast off after I broke my arm. Can hypnosis help minimize the pain?

  6. I recently had a successful first session with you and was amazed at how completely different my reaction was today to harsh criticism that was undeserved than in the past. I remained very calm and responded with pure logic and my “case” was won in two different situations today without any stress on my part. No emotional over-anxious response!

    I heard with my conscious mind everything you said during my session, while being aware that I was in a very deep relaxed state. My sleep has been great, by the way!

    My questions is tied to my desire to understand how it is that my mind no longer responds to the pressure I was feeling before which I thought was an emotional response based on past situations where I felt attacked and helpless. But it seems that my mind is now able to be rational under pressure and that sort of button can no longer be pushed? Can you explain how it works?

  7. Hi Susan, I am wondering if hypnotherapy can be used to forget things (lock things away) that have been painful in ones life, kind of the reverse of unlocking memories? Also, can hypnotherapy be used to help with PTSD?

    Lori A

    • Lori, you do not want to lock things away permanently. It’s impossible and only makes those negative emotions burn hotter until they start coming up more often in the forms of flashbacks, panic attacks, etc. You can’t run away from trauma. I use hypnotherapy in PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) all the time and this is how we resolve the problem so you can live a free life. The memories and emotions need to be separated so that you can get rid of the pain, shame, guilt, anger, etc., and then we can deal with the memories so they become simply plain memories that can’t. On many occasions, I also work with a psychotherapist.

      This is a really wonderful question and I will address it directly in the near future.

  8. Can hypnotherapy stop my pressure ulcer from feeling itchy while I am asleep? I have had the ulcer for 4 years and whenever it starts to heal it itches terribly. Awake, I manage not to scratch but in my sleep I scratch and re open it.

    • One of the things hypnosis can do amazingly well is to teach our minds that there are a lot of uncomfortable sensations that you really don’t need to feel. If someone has chronic pain, we bring the regular level until it’s pretty much gone, but if something happens — like you move and that irritates the ulcer, you feel something that may be just a tickle to notify you to check the area.

      Itches are very odd things. Sometimes they can simply be habits. If your pressure ulcer has been around for a long time and you’ve more or less gone through Stage 1 where the skin is itchy because of the nature of the initial irritation, you may just be so used to it being itchy that it’s become a habit. In your case, we have to teach your brain that it simply doesn’t itch anymore which is an easy substitution.

      What interests me is that you scratch when you’re asleep and therefore don’t consciously feel anything when you don’t feel the itch so it might not itch at all. When you sleep, your subconscious mind takes over. The subconscious has no sense of time so it may be “jumping back” to when you used to itch.

      But once we remove the sensation of itching in that area day or night, or we might need to numb it until it heals, you shouldn’t have any problems.

      but Reeta, just the thought of scratching something you don’t know is even itchy is fascinating.

      What are you doing to help it heal?

  9. Hi Susan,
    I was told by a doctor that I had Pseudo Seizures caused by my subconscious mind due to stress. He mentioned without help, it is possible for my subconscious to get stronger than my conscious mind without therapy. Is it possible and/or safe for me to get treatment through hypnosis?

    • I need more information.
      1) Has any doctor or pharmacist checked to see if this could be a side effect from some medication you’re on or the interaction of your medications?
      2) Have you had all the usual tests like an EEG?

      3) Do you you find yourself seizing after something upsetting happens?
      4) Are you conscious the entire time?

      I’d check with a pharmacist immediately because all medications have side-effects and that might be the problem.

      If there was no radiographic or laboratory tests, etc. when you saw the neurologist, get a second opinion.

      If it isn’t caused by side-effects and you are fully evaluated by a second neurologist and the diagnosis remains psedoseizures, then hypnosis is a viable option. The problem is not that the subconscious will get stronger than the conscious mind; the subconscious is ALWAYS stronger than the conscious mind (see my earlier post on the Conscious and the Subconscious mind). If the seizures are triggered by stress, certain events, and you remember what’s going on during them, the real problem is quite likely that this is a habit. Much like with a phobia, what would need to be done is change your behavior so that what triggers the seizures triggers something else — like relaxation and clarity.

  10. Can hypnosis make you do something against your will?

    • No. The idea that someone else can control your mind using hypnosis is a myth. Throughout a hypnotic trance, you are always aware to some extent what is going on and therefore can stop the session. No one can put you in a trance without your consent — hypnosis is only the stage before you fall asleep.

      No matter how deeply hypnotized you are, YOU are always in charge.

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