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Hypnosis, Health, and Lifestyle


I’m trying to get healthy but I’m always in a rush and fast food just seems like the easiest option.  Can hypnosis help me?


Here we have a few goals to tackle — the first is to get you in control of your schedule so you can get everything you need done comfortably on time and we need to train you so that you no longer think of fast food as an option.  Schedules are fairly easy once we discover the right one and avoiding fast food isn’t so hard — imaging driving down a busy street and as far as you’re concerned you don’t see any place that has a drive-thru!

But the underlying issue is making you your first priority and taking control of your life.  Luckily, you wouldn’t be asking me this question if you didn’t know that you needed to make the change to a healthy lifestyle.

The way you get through the day is a series of habits and these ones are all relatively easy to change.  By the first session we’ll be finding convenient and creative ways to reaching your goals.  Making lunches and dinners over the weekend to take to work become second nature.  Just the thought of eating a fast-food burger becomes unpleasant once I link it to how every bite can be doing damage to your body.  And you won’t leave my office without beginning some sort of exercise regimen even if it’s just stepping side-to-side twenty minutes before you go to sleep at night.  We’ll come up with more and it shouldn’t be long before you’re living your life the way you want.