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Pseudo Seizures


Hi Susan,

I was told by a doctor that I had Pseudo Seizures caused by my subconscious mind due to stress. He mentioned without help, it is possible for my subconscious to get stronger than my conscious mind without therapy. Is it possible and/or safe for me to get treatment through hypnosis?


We need more information.

•  Has any doctor or pharmacist checked to see if this could be a side effect from some medication you’re on or the interaction of your medications?

•  Did you get all the usual radiographic and laboratory tests when you saw the neurologist?

If there is nothing wrong with any of the medication you’re taking AND there was no radiographic or laboratory tests, etc. when you saw the neurologist, I heartily suggest getting a second opinion.  This will rule out not just pseudo seizures, but the possibilities of something else that looks and feels like a seizure.


•  Do you find yourself seizing after something upsetting happens?

•  Are you conscious the entire time?

If the above are true, you definitely meet the criteria for pseudo seizures and hypnosis is a viable option.  Much like with a phobia, what would need to be done is change your behavior so that what triggers the seizures (stress, certain events, etc.)  triggers something else — like relaxation and clarity.

The problem is not that the subconscious will get stronger than the conscious mind; the subconscious is ALWAYS stronger than the conscious mind (see The Subconscious Mind, 2/14/2012).  In fact, our subconscious is the part of us that is most in control.