Is Hypnosis Dangerous?


A lot of people say hypnosis is dangerous.  Is that true?


Myths about hypnosis, perpetuated by Hollywood movies, urban legends, and fiction, lead people to think all kinds of untrue things about hypnosis, including that it is somehow dangerous.  In fact, hypnosis is a natural state that always occurs 30 minutes before you fall asleep.  Nothing bad can happen to you in hypnosis; you are always in control and can come out of it whenever YOU want to.  In fact, you will hear everything that is going on and will be talking with your hypnotherapist while you are hypnotized.  It feels like when you’re caught up in a movie or a book – or just about to fall asleep.

One of the oldest fears about hypnosis is that the hypnotist is controlling you and can make you do whatever they want – even commit murder.  This is completely impossible.  If anyone suggests something that goes against your values, moral belief system, or is in any way dangerous to yourself or anyone else, it is rejected immediately.  Your hypnotherapist is merely giving your subconscious the suggestions you asked for.  Even a stage hypnotist – who is an entertainer and not a hypnotherapist – doesn’t make people do things they don’t want to do.  He or she finds the people who are extroverts and love to perform.  People are also much more likely to do silly things while they’re with a group.

You don’t have to worry that you will suddenly start thinking about scary or painful things.  The number one job of the subconscious mind is to protect you, and it is always on the job.  Another fear is that you can go into the trance and not wake up.  However, since hypnosis is a normal part of the sleep cycle, your hypnotherapist can easily wake you if you do fall asleep.

The only area of concern regarding hypnotherapy is making sure you find a well-trained, capable hypnotherapist you feel comfortable working with.

About Susan Franzblau

A hypnotist since the age of twelve, Susan began by hypnotizing friends to relieve physical pain. She then used hypnosis to help people with anxiety and panic attacks. When she realized that hypnosis was her vocation, she decided to get a professional education in hypnosis and ultimately graduated with honors from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the first nationally accredited college in hypnotherapy. After discovering that guided imagery is proven to be the most effective technique for helping people cope with stress, acute anxiety, and Post-Traumatic-Stress Syndrome, she has become a master level guided imagery therapist. Certified Pre- & Post- Surgery Hypnosis Certified Past Life Regression Advanced studies Post Traumatic Stress Disorders Smoking Cessation Weight Management/Healthy Living Pain Management Stress Control

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  1. An interesting distinction you make between the stage hypnotists and a hypnotherapist… Do any of the former actually have the training of the later do you think?

    • Actually, many do. I have a friend and colleague who is a wonderful stage hypnotist who I saw recently. The show was wonderful and I had the added pleasure of watching people going under, how their minds worked with suggestions, and, best of all if he used the same techniques I would have to pick the people. It takes a similar skill set for the hypnosis, but the entertaining is a whole other ability. Stage hypnotists are much more dramatic and that encourages a good performance out of their subjects who also are rewarded by the laughter and applause. The stage hypnotist’s name is Marc Bachrach and he’s available for parties — anywhere. He’s the best I’ve seen.

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